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Fifty Shades Of Grey teaser.



Anthony Mackie, photographed by Lucie Hugary.

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buckynat, "i need this" !! :) thanks!!


"Oooooh," Natasha said, picking up a Bucky Bear and pressing her finger to his felt nose. "I need this. I definitely need this.”

"Why would you need that when you could have the real thing right here?" Bucky spread out his arms, looking at her with one raised eyebrow.

Natasha held out the bear, looking between the two of them with a critical eye. “Nope. This one has the cuter costume.”

Bucky scowled. “You said you liked the black leather!”

"And the softer fur."

"I can shave!"

"And," Natasha teased, stepping closer and running the bear’s nose against the edge of Bucky’s jaw. "He’ll always be waiting for me on my bed when I get back home."

"Well can he do this?” Bucky asked, then proceeded to draw Natasha into a deep kiss, right in the middle of the Smithsonian museum gift shop, crushing the infernal bear between their bodies.

"What, get me arrested for public indecency?" Natasha laughed when they broke apart, but she tossed the bear back into the display and they walked away arm in arm.

(Later, on an op, Bucky opens the duffle where he keeps his sniper rifle, only to find the colorful little bear wedged in a corner. On its chest is a post-it note which reads:

I wanna help kill bad guys! Bring me back in one piece :)

Bucky sighs and sets it down beside him on the roof as he sets up his snipe.)



New photos from Avengers: Age of Ultron (x)